Name: Sissal Kampmann
Born: 1974, Vestmanna
Selected work: Sunnudagsland
Awards and recognition: Klaus Rifbjerg Prize from the Danish Literary Academy (2012). Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2017.

Sissal Kampmann earned her MA in Nordic Literature and Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen. Since her debut in 2011 with the poetry collection Ravnar á ljóðleysum flogi – Yrkingar úr uppgongdini (Ravens in silent flights – Poems from the Stairway) she has released another four poetry collections which all circle around the theme "home"; home as a physical, emotional and spiritual place, home as a residence in this world and as a means of finding peace in a world of conflict. Her most recent collection Sunnudagsland (Sunday land) from 2016 has a more political tone of voice and gives her account on how it is to return to her home town in the Faroe Islands after many years abroad, to a place which pretends to be like an eternal Sunday but where things are not as sunlit or peaceful as they seem at first glance. 

2016 Sunnudagsland
2014 Hyasinttíð
2013 4D
2012 Endurtøkur
2011 Ravnar á ljóðleysum flogi - yrkingar úr uppgongdini