Katrin Ottarsdóttir

Film director Katrin Ottarsdóttir’s debut poetry collection "Eru koparrør í himmiríki" (2012), was a groundbreaking event in Faroese poetry – and Faroese literature as a whole – and the book was awarded the Faroese Literature Prize 2013. In her poems Ottarsdóttir pries back the screen of privacy to reveal the dark and dysfunctional private life of a home where a mentally unstable, drug abusing mother terrorizes her weak husband and neglects her daughter. It is probably the first publication in the Faroe Islands of such a blunt, strong and and yet sensitive portrayal of a childhood in a dysfunctional family. 

In 2015 Ottarsdóttirs released her second poetry collection "Messa fyri einum filmi" and in 2016 a collection of short stories "Aftanáðrenn" with 13 somewhat surreal short stories about vulnerable characters struggling with inner demons and obsessions which often have fatal consequenses for their relationship with family, lovers and other people. The stories are psychologically intense often with an unexpected twist at the end.


2017, 43 bagatellir, short stories, Forlaget Torgard
2016, Aftanáðrenn, short stories, Sprotin
2015, Messa fyri einum filmi, poetry, MS
2012, Eru koparrør í himmiríki, poetry, MS


2018, 43 bagateller, Forlaget Torgard
2017, I afrika er der mange søde børn, Forlaget Torgard
2016, Findes der kobberrør i himlen, Forlaget Torgard