Name: Kim Simonsen
Born: 1970
Selected work: Desembermorgun
Awards and nominations: 
Won the National Literary Award (M.A.Jacobsen) for poetry in 2014. 

Kim Simonsen is a poet, essayist, debater and holds a PhD in literature. He is currently a post.doc. at the European Studies Department in Amsterdam University. He has published six books and his works have been translated into English, Dutch, Swedish, Macedonian, Russian and Portuguese and his poems have been published in magazines and anthologies in a number of countries. His latest book Desembermorgun was published in 2015 and is a collaboration with visual artist Jóhan Martin Christiansen. 

2015 Desemburmorgun. Poetry collection (Mentanargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
2013 Hvat hjálpir einum menniskja at vakna hesumegin hetta áratúsind. Poetry Collection (Mentanargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
2012 Literature, imagining and memory in the formation of a nation. PhD Dissertation
2006 Náðisólin.
2005 Kodakmyndir úr sjeytiárunum. Poetry collection (Mentanargrunnur Studentafelagsins
2003 Dreymar um opin vindeygu. Academic essays (Mentanargrunnur Studentafelagsins)