Name: Andras Mortensen
Born: 1960, Tórshavn.
Selected work: Hin Føroyski Róðrarbáturin (2000)
Awards and recognition: M.A. Jacobsen’s Faroese Prize (non-fiction) in 2002 for ‘The Faroese Rowing Boat’.

Andras Mortensen studied History and Latin at the University of Copenhagen, and graduated in 1987. He has worked at Føroya Fornminnissavn (Faroese National Museum) since 1989, and was appointed director of Søvn Landsins in 2010, which oversees the National Library, National Archives, National Museums and other Faroese research bodies.

In 2000, Mortensen wrote his doctoral thesis on the Faroese rowing boat, and has worked as an assistant professor in History at the University of the Faroe Islands since 2003.

Non-fiction 2000 Hin føroyski róðrarbáturin. Føroya Fróðskaparfelag. 2012 Naboer i Nordatlanten. Færøerne, Island og Grønland. Fróðskapur. (co-author and editor Andras Mortensen, et al.)