Name: Páll Nolsøe
Born: 1976, Copenhagen
Selected Work: Brot

Páll Nolsøe has lived in the Faroe Islands since his early childhood. He holds a Master in Communication from Roskilde University and has worked as a communication advisor for the Faroese Government since 2007. In 2013 his debut novel, Brot, was published by Sprotin.

The body of a young woman is found near on the shoulder of a mountain road. The young Faroese detective Einar Meyer teams up with the Danish National Police to solve the crime. They are looking for a cold, calculating psychopath. As the investigation progresses, Einar must confront his personal demons.

2016 Magnus Heinason - søgan um eitt dómsmorð? (Mentunnargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
2014 Brot (Sprotin)