Name: Hanus Kamban (b. Andreassen)
Born: 1942, Saltangará.
Selected work: Gullgentan (2010)
Awards and nominations: 
Mentanarvirðisløn M.A. Jacobsens in 1980 (non-fiction) and 1986 (fiction)
National Faroese Cultural Prize in 2004
Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2003 and 2012.

Hanus Kamban is known primarily for his short stories. In some of his stories, played out against an austere, rural backdrop, he deals with religious and sexual repression. In others, he makes use of old Faroese legends or draws on Europe as a setting, alluding to continental art and literature. His style is psychologically sensitive. Both ‘Pílagrímar’ and ‘Gullgentan’ have been nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize.

Short stories
2010 Gullgentan (Mentunargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
2001 Pílagrímar (Mentunargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
1986 Hotel Heyst [as H. Andreassen] (Mentunargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
1982 Við tendraðum lyktum [as H. Andreassen]
1980 Dóttir av Proteus [as H. Andreassen]

2008 Café Europa (Mentunargrunnur Studentafelagsins)

2000 Heystveingir

2012 Guldpigen (Torgard)
2010 Das Goldene Mädchen – four short stories from the original collection, translated into German by Kirsten Brix (Mentunargrunnur Studentafelagsins)
2003 Pilgrimme. Translated by Kirsten Brix. (Fisker)
1984 Med Edgar Allen Poe i Solhavn [as Hanus Andreassen]. (Husets forlag) 

Special editions for Nordiska Novelldagen 2011
2011 Guldlfickan och Mannen med nycklarna : Två noveller av Hanus Kamban (Bokdagar i Dalsland). Translated by Inge Knutsson.