Name: Marianne Clausen
Born: 1947
Selected work: Føroya Ljóð / Sound of the Faroes

Marianne Clausen (1947-2014) was a Danish musicologist and choir conductor. Her life's work - begun in collaboration with her father in the early 1970s, continued during the 1990s and concluded just weeks before her death - was the preservation of traditional Faroese folk singing, which she presented in a multi-volume set complete with music transcriptions. Based on more than 6,000 such recordings, colledted by many different scholars throughout the entire 20th century, she published around 3,350 pieces of various traditional Faroese singing. She also collected hitherto unpublished song texts as well as historical and musicological analyses.

Åndelig visesang på Færøerne (1975)
Karl Clausen optagelser af åndelig visesang og Kingosang på Færøerne (1989) Hundredesyv visebogen (1995)
Atlantsløg (1996) Føroya Kvæði VIII -
Løgini (2003)
Andlig Vísuløg í Føroyum (2006)
Vísuløg í Føroyum (2010)
Skjaldur, rímur og ramsur (2012)
Føroya ljóð - Sound of the Faroes (2014)