Name: Durita Holm
Born: 1975, Sandur
Selected work: Zapatista

At the age of 21 Durita Holm sailed around the world in her own sailing boat and published a book about her sea voyage in 1999. She studied anthropology at the University in Oslo and has lived in Andalusia, Spain for many years. Her first crime novel, Offurmorðið, was published in 2013 and a year later the sequel Zapatista (English work title: Memories of Ocosingo) was published.

Anthropologist Alisa travels to Mexico but is soon caught up in a complex whirlpool of unsolved mysteries and dangerous incidents related to the Mexican geologist Maria Salazar who was found dead on a mountain cliff. In her search for answers to what has happened to Maria, Alisa gets tangled up with the charismatic, masked rebel leader Emilio. As events unfold, the unforeseen overtakes her. 

2014 Zapatista, crime novel
2013 Offurmorðið, crime novel
2003 Á smølum andalusiskum gøtum, travelogue
1999 Ferðin um bláu gongustjørnuna, travelogue

2003 På smalle andalusiske stier, Borgen
2000 Rejsen om den blå planet, Borgen