Photo: Bárður Oskarsson

Photo: Bárður Oskarsson

Name: Bárður Oskarsson
Born: 1972, Tórshavn.
Selected work: Træið

Awards and nominations: 
Won the West Nordic Children’s Literature Prize (2006 and 2018),
Won the Faroese Children’s Literature Award (2007), 
White Raven Special Mention by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek München (2006)
Awarded a White Raven in 2013 for “The battle of the good grass”, in 2016 for “Wilbert” and in 2018 for “Træið” 
Nominated for the Panprize 2016 by IBBY - Sweden.
Two-time nominee for the Nordic Council's Children and Young Adult Literature Prize in 2014, 2016 and 2018.
Winner of the Nordic Council Children and Young Adult Literature Prize in 2018

Bio: Bárður Oskarsson is a Faroese author and illustrator. The first book he illustrated was one of his grandfather’s in 1992 titled ‘Undir tussafjøllum’. Since then he has illustrated books for several Faroese authors. In 2004 he published A Dog, a Cat and a Mouse, which he both wrote and illustrated. Bárður Oskarsson’s unique style resembles minimalist cartoon illustrations and clearly convey moods and atmospheres in a tiny wink or a minute movement.

Children’s books
2017 Træið (BFL)
2016 Wilbert (BFL)
2012 Stríðið um tað góða grasið (BFL)
2011 Flata kaninin (BFL)
2007 Beinið (BFL)
2007 Pól, hin kuli giraffurin (BFL)
2004 Ein hundur, ein ketta og ein mús (BFL)

Træið: published in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, the UK, Korea, and Macedonia. Rights sold to Iceland, Bulgaria and Italy.
Wilbert: published in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Canada/US, and the UK. Rights sold to Bulgaria and Korea.
Stríðið um tað góða grasið: published in Denmark, and the UK. Rights sold to Bulgaria, Iceland, Italy, Korea and Norway.
Flata Kaninin: published in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, and the UK. Rights sold to Korea, Macedonia, and North- and Southamerica (Spanish).
Ein hundur, ein ketta og ein mús: published in France, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Special editions for Frankfurt Book Fair 2011
A dog, a cat and a mouse. Translated by Marita Thomsen.
Ein Hund, eine Katze und eine Maus. Translated by Inga Meincke.