Name: Magnus Gaard
Born: 1970
Selected work: Føroya Náttúra – Lívfrøðiligt Margfeldi

Magnus Gaard, b. 1970, holds a Cand. Scient from the University of Copenhagen. He is a teacher at the upper secondary school in Tórshavn and has authored and edited a number of biology textbooks for Nám (previously Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur). The chosen work, Faroese Nature (2006), which Gaard has edited, is a description of Faroese nature and biodiversity for a wide audience, written by a group of 20 biologists. His newest publications is the series Nature Study, that includes work books and teacher’s books.

2006 – Føroya Náttúra (Nám) [Faroese Nature - Biodiversity]
2009 – Lívfrøði 1 – Lívfrøði til 7. flokk (Nám) [Biology - textbook, workbook and teacher's manual]
2010 – Lívfrøði 2 (Nám) [Biology - textbook, workbook and teacher's manual] 2011 – Lívfrøði 3 (Nám) [Biology - textbook, workbook and teacher's manual]