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Høgni Mohr

Picture by Birgir Kruse


HØgni mohr

Høgni Mohr, born in 1968, is trained as a mechanic fitter, however he has worked as a news and documentary journalist in the radio and television most of his life. He has worked in the Faroe Islands, Denmark and New Zealand and is now a full time author.


Nominated for "Geytin" - the national Faroese short film award 2014 with the depiction "Fall for Ewe"

From the bestseller "Fractura nasi"

"Before, the police were the police. Now everybody wants to be the police; day care and social workers, teachers, journalists, nurses, dentists, rescue workers, volunteer supervisors, braindead traffic wardens and first-aiders. The social structure is distorted because people crave for power and we're all at risk of becoming modern cavemen with caps. In the end the only ones left are frowning people in reflective waist coats who interfere in other people's lives in a new paramilitary hell on earth. There is a threat of a born-again Yellow Peril, and, like George Carlin said, people think it is "JUST FUCKING DANDY" 

Selected work

2018, Slepp tær til heiti fani, Øgiliga egið forlag
- selected oppositional texts with illustrations by Astrid Andreasen
2017, Fractura nasi, Øgiliga egið forlag
- a narrative and potetic non-fiction road trip story
2013, Sannleikin um ástarævintýrið, Øgiliga egið forlag
- revealing book about the relationship between chemistry and love
2010, Tá deyðin verður avdúkaður, Øgiliga egið forlag
- documentary book about the lifelong journey from birth to death in the national hospital in the Faroe Islands
2006, Ali babba og 49 aðrar blaðgreinir, Øgiliga egið forlag
- selection of articles


2006, Askur & Embla, BFL, Swedish YA novel by Per Nilsson