Literary Event @ the G! Festival 11 July

Faroese publisher "Forlagið Eksil" is hosting a number of literary events during the G! Festival 11-14 July in the Town Hall in Norðagøta and Fjósið in Syðrugøta.

Town Hall Norðagøta, Wednesday 11 July:

Materiality and Nature II - Exhibitions, Literature and Talks

“…learning to stay with the trouble of living and dying in responsibility on a damaged earth” Donna Haraway

The event is a thematic exploration of how artists today use and conceive nature in a post humanist context. We will open an art exhibition curate experimental literature and talks. We will address new perspectives on nature and environment, how these themes are represented in both art and literature? On our intimate interconnections with, for instance, snowflakes, plastic, sugar, plankton, or radiation reflected in art and literature and if we do have any use for the concept of Nature? How can we rethink the concepts of us, “nature” and art in a damaged word?

Artists: Jón Sonni Joensen (FO), Jóhan Martin Christiansen (FO), Tsz-Man Chan (Hong Kong), Randi Samsonsen (FO), Johannes Göransson (US), Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen (DK), Vónbjørt Vang (FO), Stuart McLean (US) & Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir (FO).

Free Admission

5pm: Official opening and Welcome by Hanna Jensen, member of Eysturkommuna City Council
5:45pm: Readings: 
Johannes Göransson (US) 
Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir (FO) reads from her new book "Korallbruni".
Vónbjørt Vang (FO) and Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen (DK) discuss "home and place".
Break: we provide free beer and drinks
6pm: Talks: Stuart McLean (US): ”On Surviving”.
6:25pm: Round table on theme "Materiality and Nature"

Fjósið Syðrugøta, Thursday 12 July: 

4pm: Hildaland: A Lost Man and A Lost Island – video-art og artist talk – Tsz-Man (Hong Kong) og Stuart McLean (US)

7pm-9pm: Readings by Faroese authors Oddfríður Marni Rasmussen, Katrin Ottarsdóttir, Haldur Suni, Sámal Soll og Ludvík á Brekku.

Fjósið Syðrugøta, Saturday 14 July:

3pm: Creative writing work-shop with Proffessor Johannes Göransson (US)

New in Danish: William Heinesen, billedmageren

New in Danish: William Heinesen, billedmageren

New Short Story Collection

New Short Story Collection